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Wassalou is Disney's Burudika

Wassalou June 2014


The Wassalou band has become a popular feature of the daily activities of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Located in the Harambe village in Africa, the band performs as the Afro-Pop band "Burudika," which means "to be refresed" in Swahili.


Burudika can be seen every evening that the park is operational, on the Harambe village stage. This performance is an interactive blend of traditional African music, African rhythms and African pop music that intrigues audiences of all ages.


Harambe Night feature

Wassalou June 2014


The Wassalou band members played a special role in various elements of the Harambe Night's special event in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Lion King. This event included a musical concert called, "The Lion KIng Concert in the Wild", and a Harambe Night Street Party.


Wassalou's lead singer Nathi Gcabashe was selected to play a key role in the play, ably displaying his versitle skills as a vocalist and actor. This performance will definately be a highlight of his career with this Disney theme park. The band is also the featured 3-piece band in the welcome reception and the 5-piece band in the Street Party. Both of these performances play a key role in the nights proceedings and helped to create the energetic atmosphere that Harambe Nights has become known for.


Wassalou Album Now Availble!

Wassalou May 2014


Take the experience of a Wassalou performance home with you. Wassalou has a fun 10 track compilation, featuring songs as would be heard in a live performance at the Animal Kingdom park. This CD is available for purchase at the gift shop in the African Village of Animal Kingdom and is also availble for purchase online on Amazon.


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