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Nathi Gcabashe
Lead Singer

Nathi Gcabashe is a well known singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer from rural Emaqongo in Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa. Nathi is an authentic artist that represents his African culture in all of his music and performances. His pure, clear vocals and impressive range has propelled the band in ways that they had never imagined. Nathi is able to use his unique style and excellent performing skills to keep any audience truly entertained.

Shaun Fisher is an accomplished and experienced performer and vocalist who has been mastering his versatile musical talent from a tender age of 9. Fisher always brings a fresh feel to the band with his extempo lyrics, and unique musical arrangements that is his driving force. Shaun is a true performer by every sense of the word, and is an equally talented musician.

Don Black is an exciting saxophonist. He attended Berklee College of Music and received his Degree in Music from Stillman College. His approach to music, whether it be it blues, jazz or Afro-pop, is poetic, rhythmic and soulful. Don's instrumental solo is always a key feature in a Wassalou set, and is sure to amaze the audience and bring them to their feet.

Shaun Fisher
Don Black

Meet the Band


Wassalou is a harmony of musicians from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, with the common thread of a strong African heritage and a love for music.

Virgina Roebuck
Lead Singer

Virgina is an accomplished vocalist with years of vocal experience on and off the stage. You can see Virginia perform as one of the lead vocalists and actresses for many shows in the Central Florida area including the highly acclaimed Festival of The Lion King Live , Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration 2016 , Finding Nemo the Musical , and is also one of the lead singers for the Afro pop band, Wassalou, which also performs as Burudika here in Central Florida. 

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